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Launching Runtime Manager

When CitectSCADA is launched, CitectSCADA Runtime Manager starts automatically and the CitectSCADA Runtime Manager interface appears. It then reviews the settings in the citect.ini file and the project and starts the required processes of CitectSCADA on the specified CPUs. The monitoring pane displays the verbose startup message for each process as they start (for more information see Monitoring Startup).

You can also start the Runtime Manager during the configuration of a project via the Tools menu in Citect Explorer, Graphics Builder and Project Editor. This will launch the Runtime Manager in an idle state, allowing you to start processes independently in a multi-process system. This can be useful for system testing and analysis, as it allows you to start a particular server or client without having to perform a full compile of a project.

Note: Only one instance of CitectSCADA Runtime Manager can run on a machine at any time.

When all the CitectSCADA processes have started, the CitectSCADA Runtime Manager window minimizes to an icon in the Notification area (bottom-right corner of the screen). The CitectSCADA Runtime Manager continues to run for the duration of the CitectSCADA application. While CitectSCADA Runtime Manager is running, it is available as a task bar icon in the Notification area. Clicking the icon restores the CitectSCADA Runtime Manager window to the foreground and allows for the continued monitoring of the CitectSCADA processes.

Existing CitectSCADA processes

If CitectSCADA Runtime Manager finds any CitectSCADA processes already running, it checks that the existing processes match the configuration specified in the CitectSCADA project and the citect.ini file.

If the existing runtime processes are configured as per the required configuration, CitectSCADA Runtime Manager:

If the existing processes are not configured as per the required configuration, CitectSCADA Runtime Manager ignores the configuration and the Monitoring Pane displays the CitectSCADA Runtime currently running. To launch the configuration within the citect.ini file, you must shut down all existing processes and relaunch CitectSCADA.