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FastLinx for Mitsubishi Tag Import

Use the CitectSCADA FastLinx tag browser to:

The FastLinx tag browser has the following fields:

Database tree display

Shows a hierarchical display of the MxChange servers (both local and networked), their Fastlinx databases, and associated nodes. To expand or collapse a tree entry, click the add [+] or minus [-] symbol, respectively, to the left of the entry.

When you open the browser, the information displayed depends on whether or not there is an existing FastLinx database with the same name as the current CitectSCADA project:


Displays the server name on which the database, if present, exists. If no database is found, this box displays defaults to the name of the local PC. (Read-only)


Displays the database name (i.e., name of the current CitectSCADA project). (Read-only)

IO Device

Displays the name of the GID node (i.e., CitectSCADA I/O Device). (Read-only)

PLC Class

Indicates the type of project configured in the MxChange server.

PLC Type

Indicates the PLC type corresponding to the selected PLC class.


Enter the password for the selected database to allow CitectSCADA to access the database for data retrieval. The password needs to be valid for read/write access as assigned by your database administrator.

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