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General Options Setup

Use the General Options Setup page to specify general options.



Data Directory

The directory where the CitectSCADA data files are located. The data files are the files that are generated at run time: trend files, disk PLC etc.

Backup project path

The backup directory that is used if a runtime database cannot be located (due to inoperative hardware or a file that has been moved, corrupted, or deleted).

Startup page

The Page Name of the graphics page to display when CitectSCADA starts up.

Page scan time

The delay (in milliseconds) between updating a graphics page and starting the next communications cycle. The Page Scan Time sets the default for how often your graphics pages are updated. When a page is updated, relevant data (variable tags etc. represented on the graphics page) is scanned to determine if field conditions have changed. This setting is overridden by the Scan Time value specified in Page Properties (if applied).

A value of 250 (the default value) indicates that CitectSCADA will try to update the page every 250 ms. However, if CitectSCADA cannot read the entire data from the I/O Device within 250 ms, the page is processed at a slower rate. For example, if it takes 800 ms to read the data from the relevant I/O Device, CitectSCADA processes the page every 800 ms.

Under some conditions, you might want to slow the update of your pages to reduce the load on the I/O Servers. By reducing the page scan time, you allow more communication bandwidth to other CitectSCADA tasks or Clients. For example, you might want fast response on your main operator computers, while slowing the response time on manager computers. You can enter any value from 0 to 60000 (milliseconds).

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