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The table below defines CitectSCADA graphics specifications.

High-resolution color presentation

VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA (Any resolution)

Colors in Palette


User definable colors can be selected from a palette of

16.8 Million

Free-form graphics/display pages


Object animation points (ANs) per page


Screen update time

500 milliseconds (see note)

Note: Screen update time depends on the I/O Device protocols used and your system design. The minimum update rate is 1 millisecond, which can be achieved only if the PLC can provide data fast enough. CitectSCADA maintains the fastest possible screen update rate with the use of read on demand and dynamic optimization. These technologies allow CitectSCADA to read only what is necessary from the PLC, making the most of the communication channel to the I/O Devices. Performance test from real installed systems with 100,000 points can maintain screen update rates of 400 milliseconds.