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Groups properties

Use the Groups dialog box to configure properties of groups:

Group Name

The name of the group. You can use this facility, for example, to define multiple areas or multiple devices. Enter a value of 16 characters or less.

After you have defined a group, it can be used anywhere that an individual entity can be used. You can also specify complex groups by defining a group of groups.

Association 1 . . . Association 10

A list of the entities associated with the Group Name. Enter a value of 16 characters or less. An Association can be a number, a name, or another group. You can also specify a range of numbers in the format <n1..n2> for example:

Association 1


Specifies numbers 4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

You can also define a group of devices to be accessed with a single name, for example:

Group Name AlarmInfo

Association 1


Association 2


Association 3


In this case, when the group name (AlarmInfo) is used as a device, the information is sent to three devices - AlarmPrint, AlarmLog, and AlarmDBF.


Any useful comment. Enter a value of 48 characters or less.