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Hardware alarms

When an error is detected that affects CitectSCADA's operation, a hardware alarm is generated. Hardware alarms are usually displayed on a dedicated Hardware Alarm page, available as a standard template.

The hardware alarm page indicates what is happening in your CitectSCADA system. If loss of communication occurs, if Cicode can't execute, if a graphics page is not updating correctly, or if a server becomes inoperative, this page shows you. Hardware alarms consist of a unique description and error code.

The hardware alarms do not have detailed information, but serve to point you in the right direction. For example, if you have a Conflicting Animation alarm, CitectSCADA will not tell you the cause. You need to observe which page causes the hardware alarm, and locate the animations yourself.

Note: Do not allow your system to have any recurring hardware alarms.

There are two hardware alarm fields that are not always shown on the hardware alarms pages. ERRPAGE will display the name of the page that was displayed when the error was detected. This is useful for finding errors caused by improperly programmed animations. ERRDESC provides information that is specific to the type of the alarm. For example, if the alarm is an I/O Device error, ERRDESC shows the name of the device.

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