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Improved Installation Process

The installation process of CitectSCADA has been improved to simplify the operation and guide the user through the installation by use of Installation Profiles and the creation of default component selections. Whilst still allowing flexibility for the experienced user, the complexity and multiple installation paths and options have been greatly reduced. The installer has been enhanced to allow the installation of a runtime-only version of the product. This allows the runtime environment to be installed without the configuration tools of the CitectSCADAIntegrated Environment. The Runtime Only installation provides not only a smaller installation footprint but also the ability to set up workstations which do not allow project configuration. This automatically improves the security of the system configuration.

Note: You can also install the CitectSCADA runtime from a single installation file. This file is on the installation DVD. This allows installation of the software to computers which only need the runtime. The file can be copied to a network location for remote installation.