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Including CitectSCADA data

Include data in an alarm display by specifying the field name and width for each field to display. You need to enclose each field in braces {} and use the following syntax:

{<field name>, [width[, justification]]}

For example:


{Tag,8} {Name,32}

In this case, data displays in two fields: Tag, with 8 characters; and Name, with 32 characters. The width specifier is optional; if you do not use it, the width of the field is determined by the number of characters between the braces.


Name of Alarm:{Name    }

In this case, Name is followed by four spaces; the data {Name} displays with 8 characters.

Note: The screen resolution of your computer determines the total number of characters (and therefore the number of fields) that can be displayed on the alarms page.

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