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Initiating the online restart

To initiate the online restart, the originator (any CitectSCADA computer on the network) issues a shutdown command with the Shutdown function, for example:

Shutdown("Everybody", "MyProject", 2);

Where possible, balance clients across both phases of the shutdown. The [Shutdown]Phase parameter defines the phase to which each CitectSCADA computer responds.

You can exclude selected computers (for example I/O Servers) from the online restart procedure with the [Shutdown]NetworkIgnore parameter.

For security, you can prevent selected computers from initiating the online restart procedure with the [Shutdown]NetworkStart parameter.

Note: If you’ve configured CitectSCADA to use multiprocessor support, it is recommended that you use the Runtime Manager instead of the restart facility. The runtime manager allows you to restart different processes individually, whereas the restart facility will restart every CitectSCADA processe on the machine.