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Installing the ODBC driver

You need to install and setup up your ODBC driver from the Windows Control Panel. To do this:

  1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
  2. Click the ODBC icon to start the ODBC setup utility (if you do not already have an ODBC icon in your control panel, you might need to install the icon. See the documentation provided with your ODBC driver).
  3. Click Add to set up a DataSource.
  4. Note: If your ODBC driver is not included in the list of Installed ODBC Drivers, return to the ODBC setup utility and install your driver (select the Drivers... button).

  5. From the Add Data Source dialog box, select your ODBC driver. The Setup dialog is displayed.
  6. Enter the Data Source Name of the driver that you used previously. For example, if you had used SQL with a dBASEIII database, then your connection string would have been "DRV=QEDBF". To avoid changing the connection strings throughout your project, use a Data Source Name of QEDBF.
  7. Run your CitectSCADA project.

Some Cicode SQL functions will not work if your ODBC driver has limited functionality. This situation is not frequently encountered, and in most cases affects only the ability to use transactions with the SQLBeginTran(), SQLCommit(), and SQLRollBack() functions. If you are using the Intersolv Q+E ODBC drivers, it is unlikely you will experience any loss of functionality.

You might need to change the data source in the Control Panel each time you switch from using one ODBC-compatible driver to another, for example from a dBASE file to an Access database. Click the ODBC icon and select from the list of available data sources. (Refer to the documentation supplied with your driver for more information.)


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