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Introducing Tab Style Page Templates

The Tab Style Template Project is a preconfigured project that includes a set of templates styled for the Windows 7 environment. It will help you reduce the time necessary to configure a new project.

When a new CitectSCADA project is created, the Tab Style Template (Tab_Style_Include) project is automatically incorporated as an included project. This means the project's templates are available for implementation when creating your graphics pages in Graphics Builder.

As well as including a standard graphics page template for creating plant mimics, the project also includes predefined process analyst and alarm templates, a set of file templates for displaying text, Rich Text Format and HTML files. They have identical tab style navigation and alarm menus for consistent "look and feel" across an entire project. The project also supports multimonitor displays, allowing you to simultaneously display several graphics pages across several computer screens.

Note: Do not modify the Tab Style Template project for use as a runtime project. It will not compile successfully, and be set aside for use as a template for new projects. CitectSCADA upgrades install a new version of the Tab Style Template project, which will overwrite changes you make to the project when this happens.