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IPane.Height [Property][Get/Set]

Gets or Sets the height of this pane.

Defined As

Execution Result

If the property get/set succeeds, the return value will be Success. If the height is out of range (16-1000), the return value will be InvalidArgument. If the pane is deleted, the return value will be GeneralFailure.


This property affects the visible height of the Pane in two different ways based on the Boolean value of the FixedHeight property. If the FixedHeight property is True, the Pane takes on a pixel height equivalent to the Height property value. Every pen inside the Pane is adjusted to fit. If the FixedHeight property is False, the Height property value is used as a ratio of the available `Variable' real estate (all the left over room in the Process Analyst after Fixed Height panes have been added) which is shared out between the Variable Height panes.

See Also

IPane.FixedHeight [Property][Get/Set]

Calling Syntax

This example assumes there is a valid Pane object to be passed into the example methods.


Sub Example(Pane As Object)
Dim height As Long
`Getting Property value
height = Pane.Height
`Setting Property value
Pane.Height = 250
End Sub


// Getting property value
INT nHeight = _ObjectGetProperty(hPane, "Height");
// Setting property value
_ObjectSetProperty(hPane, "Height", 250);