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IPen.BlockRepaint [Property][Get/Set]

Use this property to halt or continue any drawing updates to this pen.

Defined As

Execution Result

If the property get/set succeeds the return value will be Success. If the return variable is bad then the return value will be InvalidArgument. If the pen is deleted then the return value will be GeneralFailure.


This property is useful if you are modifying several properties at once as it will help reduce flicker and the amount of processing necessary. Simply set the property to True (-1), change as many properties as you want, and then set the property to False (0).

Calling Syntax

Assumes you have passed a valid pen object into the function.


Sub Example(pen As Object)
Dim blockRepaint As Boolean
`Getting Property value
blockRepaint = pen.BlockRepaint
`Setting Property value
pen.BlockRepaint = True
End Sub


INT bBlockRepaint;
// Getting current property value
bBlockRepaint = _ObjectGetProperty(hPen, "BlockRepaint");
// Setting Property
_ObjectSetProperty(hPen, "BlockRepaint", -1);