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IPen.DataServer [Property][Get/Set]

Get or Set the server that this pen is bound to.

Defined As

Execution Result

If the property get/set succeeds, the return value will be Success. If the return variable is bad, the return value will be InvalidArgument. If the server connection cannot be found, the return value will be InvalidArgument. If the pen is deleted, the return value will be GeneralFailure.


This property currently only supports two options, "localhost" and "" (empty string), which indicates an unbound connection. Local host means the pen will use the local CitectSCADA client to source data from the CitectSCADA Trends/Alarm Servers.

This property works in conjunction with the DataPoint property. This property can be changed during the lifetime of the pen.

See Also

IPen.DataPoint [Property][Get/Set]

Calling Syntax

Assumes you have passed a valid pen object into the function.


Sub Example(pen As Object)
Dim server As String
`Getting Property value
server = pen.DataServer
`Setting Property value
pen.DataPoint = "localhost"
End Sub


STRING server;
// Getting current property value
server = _ObjectGetProperty(hPen, "DataServer");
// Setting Property
_ObjectSetProperty(hPen, "DataServer", "localhost");