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IProcessAnalyst.AdminPrivilegeLevel [Property] [Get]

Retrieves the privilege level currently set for controlling administration features of the Process Analyst at Run-time.

Defined As

Execution Result

If the property get succeeds the return value will be Success. If the return variable is bad then the return value will be InvalidArgument.


By default the level is 0 (Zero), which allows access to every feature at run time. Setting this to any other level will require the operator viewing the Process Analyst to have a privilege equal to that level.

This property can only be set at design time (in the Graphics Builder property pages) and is recommended to prevent Operators from changing performance properties such as DataRequestRate and DisplayRefreshRate.


Privilege level defined in CitectSCADA 1 - 8. 0 = no security.

Calling Syntax

Assumes you have a page called "myPage" and the Process Analyst has been named "AN35".


Sub Example()
Dim privilege As Boolean
`Getting Property value
privilege = myPage_AN35.AdminPrivilegeLevel
End Sub


FUNCTION Example()
OBJECT hProcessAnalyst = ObjectByName("AN35");
INT privilege;
// Getting current property value
privilege = _ObjectGetProperty(hProcessAnalyst,"AdminPrivilegeLevel");