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IProcessAnalyst.BackgroundColor [Property][Get/Set]

Gets or sets the background color for the Process Analyst.

Defined As

Execution Result

If the property get/set succeeds, the return value will be Success. If the return variable is bad, the return value will be InvalidArgument.


The background is the area under the panes. To calculate the integer value necessary for a color, apply the following formula:

(65536 * Blue) + (256 * Green) + (Red)

where Red, Green, and Blue are 0-255.


Calling Syntax

Assumes you have a page called "myPage" and the Process Analyst has been named "AN35".


Sub Example()
Dim backgroundColor As Long
`Getting Property value
backgroundColor = myPage_AN35.BackgroundColor
`Setting Property value to Red
myPage_AN35.BackgroundColor = 255
End Sub


FUNCTION Example()
OBJECT hProcessAnalyst = ObjectByName("AN35");
INT backgroundColor;
// Getting current property value
backgroundColor = _ObjectGetProperty(hProcessAnalyst,"BackgroundColor");
// Setting Property to Red
_ObjectSetProperty(hProcessAnalyst, "BackgroundColor", 255);