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IProcessAnalyst.Language [Property] [Get/Set]

This function allows dynamic changing of the user interface to the language specified.

Defined As

Execution Result

If the property get/set succeeds, the return value will be Success. If the return variable is bad, the return value will be InvalidArgument.


To change languages you need to have additional localized resource .dll files alongside the main resources.dll file. Additional language .dll files are named (and have to be named) using the format "Resources_<languagecode>.dll". The Process Analyst expects this format or the language will not be loaded.

For example, if you have a Chinese resource dll named "Resources_zh-CN.dll", set the Language property to "zh-CN". The .dll files are named according to the RFC 1766 standard for specifying culture names.

Specifying "." resets the language back to the default.

Note: This method is not necessary to be called if you are using CitectSCADA's multilanguage feature to make the Process Analyst switch languages. For details, see Multi-language Support.

Calling Syntax

Assumes you have a page called "myPage" and the Process Analyst has been named "AN35".


Sub Example()
Dim language As String
`Retrieve current language
language = myPage_AN35.Language
`Set language to Japanese
myPage_AN35.Language = "ja-JP"
End Sub


FUNCTION Example()
OBJECT hProcessAnalyst = ObjectByName("AN35");
STRING language;
// Retrieve current language
language = _ObjectGetProperty(hProcessAnalyst, "Language");
// Set language to Japanese
_ObjectSetProperty(hProcessAnalyst, "Language", "ja-JP");