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Writing a TRUE value with this function enables library selection hooks. When enabled, selecting Paste Genie or Paste Symbol (or their equivalent function key of toolbar button) will not show the standard selection dialog, but will fire the automation event PasteSymbol or PasteGenie instead.

Additionally, when hooks are enabled, pressing CTRL + SHIFT and double-clicking a CitectSCADA page will fire the event SwapObject.




A setting of TRUE enables library selection hooks.

Return Value

Enables library selection hooks, or retrieves the current library selection hooks setting.

Note: For details on handling return and error values, see Error Handling.

Related Functions

PasteSymbol, PasteGenie

Note: This function is implemented in the C++ environment as two separate functions: put_LibSelectionHooksEnabled enables selection hooks, and get_ LibSelectionHooksEnabled retrieves the current selection hooks setting.