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Miscellaneous Functions

These functions are used for special interactions with the Graphics Builder; for example, an external drag-and-drop action could be performed by requesting the active window handle.


Writing a TRUE value enables the functions ProjectUpdatePages or PageOpen to exit and report the error E-POINTER when encountering the first broken link (missing reference) during execution.


Copies the selected object(s) to the Windows Clipboard.


Cuts the selected object(s) to the Windows Clipboard.


Paste the elements of the Windows Clipboard on to the active page.


Converts the active object to a bitmap. Unable to convert if no active object.


Exits the CitectSCADA development environment.


Writing a true value with this function enables an event to be fired for every selection performed on a graphics page. You can also use this function to retrieve the current setting for this option.

UnLockObject Make an object selectable.

For details and a VB example on handling return and error values, see Error Handling.