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Navigation Toolbar

The Navigation toolbar includes buttons that allow the user to move between a project's pages. If the current user has insufficient privilege or there is no option configured for a particular button, it is unavailable to the user.





Goes back to the page displayed before the current page. The arrow to the right of the button allows you to select from a menu of recently visited pages. You can set the maximum number of pages included in this menu by adjusting the parameter [Navigation]LastPageStackSize.


Goes forward to the page that was displayed prior to the back button being pressed. The arrow to the right of the button allows you to select from menu of pages recently navigated back from. You can set the maximum number of pages included in this menu by adjusting the parameter [Navigation]LastPageStackSize.

Parent Page

Changes the display to the "parent page" of the current page. You can assign a parent page to a graphics page by setting an environment variable in Graphics Builder. To do this, open the page you want to assign a parent to. Go to the properties dialog for the page (File | Properties), and click the Environment tab. Add a new variable called "ParentPage" with a value of the page name of the parent page.


Moves backwards or forwards through pages in a browse sequence if a sequence is configured. To configure a browse sequence, go to the Page Properties dialog (File | Properties) for each page in the sequence and set the Next and Previous fields on the General tab accordingly.


Displays the "home" page. By default, this page is the startup page CSV_Start. To change the home page to a different page, use the [Navigation]HomePage parameter.

Trends Page

Displays the "trend" page. By default, the preconfigured page CSV_Trend appears when this button is pressed. To display a different page, adjust the parameter [Navigation]TrendPage.

Network Page

Displays a page called "Network" if one exists. By default, this page does not exist, which means the button will not appear. To use this button to call a function, or to launch a page with a name other than network, adjust the parameter [Navigation]NetworkPage.


Displays the Admin Tools page, named CSV_AdminTools. You can adjust the parameter [Navigation]ToolsPage to call a function with this button or change the page displayed; however, this is not recommended. This button also features a menu to launch the Tag Debug tool and Instant Trend display. It also allows you to switch tool tips on and off.

Print Page

Prints the current page. The parameter [Printer]Port needs to be configured correctly for printer selection.


Displays the standard CitectSCADA login prompt. The menu to the right offers extra options such as Logout, Change Password, Edit User (restricted by login) and Create User (restricted by login).


This button can be configured to display user assistance information for your project. By default, it will point to the topic Adding user assistance to a page within the CitectSCADA help. This topic explains how to change this default behavior within your own project, by either disabling the button, or configuring it to connect to your own HTML help file.

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