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New Font Selection for Graphics Button

In previous releases of CitectSCADA, you were not able to change the properties of text such as font, size, style on buttons in the Graphics Editor. This inability to configure the button text properties led to graphics with text from different source objects having different font settings on the same page, which appears aesthetically untidy and inconsistent on the runtime displays.

From v7.10, the text displayed on a button object can be configured in the same manner as other CitectSCADAtext objects within the Graphics Editor and the automation interface. This will allow you to present a more polished and consistent GUI to meet individual project runtime presentation requirements.

When migrating from a previous release, button object text properties are preserved and converted to the new button object text properties with the appropriate default property values automatically placed in the new configuration such as Font=Arial, Size=12, Alignment=centre, style=regular, etc.

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