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Object Properties - Access (Identification)

Objects have the following Access Identification properties:

[Identification] Object Name

This field allows you to assign a name to your ActiveX object (254 characters maximum). It identifies the object when using the ObjectByName(), ANByName(), and CreateControlObject() Cicode functions.

The name can be any combination of alpha or numeric characters.

[Identification] Event Class

Allocate a name for the event class of your ActiveX object (16 characters). You can then use this name to create a Cicode function to trap an event.

Don't change the default value if you want to access the ActiveX object using CitectVBA. If you do, CitectVBA can't access the object. If the Event Class is changed, you can reset it to the default value by clicking Clear Property.

[Persistence] Persist ActiveX data between page transitions

Select this check box to allow changes made to the control to be persisted between pages. For example, you can select this check box if you want an ActiveX edit control to keep the current text in the control, so that next time the page is entered, the same text is displayed.

Note: An ActiveX control may or may not implement data persistence in the manner you expect. Some controls will not persist certain data, and therefore you will not be able to save and restore that data.

Note: Even when an ActiveX control implements data persistence in an expected manner, be advised that data is only persisted for the current session. If CitectSCADA runtime is shut down and restarted the updated data is not available.