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Object View Basics

The Object View displays a hierarchically arranged view of the panes and pens on the chart, in the Object Tree column. The Object View lists information about each pen. When displayed, the Object View is located under the navigation toolbar.

The Object View (as it appears in a default configuration) is shown below; your Object View might look different depending on how it has been customized in your system.

By default, items in the Object View are expanded (that is, every pen for every pane is shown). Clicking a pen in the Object View selects that pen. There is always one pen selected in each pane; in the example above, the primary selected pen is highlighted in blue; other selected pens are highlighted in gray.

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The Object View displays the following items:



Analog pen

Digital pen

Alarm pen


The check box controls whether the pen is visible on the chart. The gradient-filled color box to the left of the pen name indicates the pen's line color as it appears on the chart.

The Object View always mirrors the items that are displayed on a chart. For example, if you add a pane to the chart, a new pane is added simultaneously to the Object View. Similarly, if a new pen is added to or deleted from a pane, or if a pen's properties are changed, these changes are reflected in the Object View.

The table below shows the predefined default columns, which are displayed in addition to the object tree. These columns are arranged by default from left to right in the Object View.



Zero Scale

Vertical axis start position of the pen.

Full Scale

Vertical axis end position of the pen.

Engineering Units

Engineering units associated with the pen.

You can configure the Object View to display other predefined columns that show different information about your pens; for details, see Configuring the Object View.