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You can define general options for your drawing environment.

To define general options for the drawing environment:

  1. Choose Tools | Options. The Options dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the relevant details.
Option Description

Display Properties on New

Enables the automatic display of the relevant properties dialog when you add an object to the page.

Display Properties on Copy

Enables the automatic display of the relevant properties dialog when you copy an existing object on the page.

Save Template Warning

Enables the display of an alert message when you modify and then save an existing template. When you modify an existing template, any graphics pages that are associated with the template are not updated until you perform an Update Pages to update each page based on the template.

Modify AN Field

Allows you to modify the number of the animation point (AN) of any object. You cannot change an AN to the same number as an existing AN on the graphics page.

Disable Genie Forms

Disables the display of Genie forms when a new Genie is added to the page or an existing Genie is edited. With Genie forms disabled, a form for each native object in the Genie displays.

Display Group Button

Enables the display of a group button on a Genie dialog. The group button displays a form for each native object in the Genie.

Compile Enquiry Message

Enables the "Do you want to compile?" message window when the project has been modified and Run is selected. Normally the project is compiled automatically (if the project has been modified) when Run is selected.

Fast Runtime Display

Enables the fast display of graphics pages in the runtime system.

List System Pages

Specifies that system pages will be included in:

  • The list of pages in the Graphics Builder Open and Save dialog boxes.
  • The Page Properties Previous and Next menus, used for defining a browse sequence for your pages.
  • The list of files in the Contents area of Citect Explorer.

System pages are prefixed with an exclamation mark (!).

Show version 3.xx/4.xx tools

Enables the old (version 3 and version 4) toolbox. This toolbox contains old tools (such as Slider and Bar Graph), which are no longer necessary, as they can be configured using the Object properties.

Fast Update Pages

Affects the operation of Graphic Builder's "Update Pages" tool. If Fast Update Pages is checked, Graphics Builder only updates modified pages. If not checked, every project page is updated.

Transparent Paste

Allows you to specify a color that becomes transparent when a bitmap is pasted on a graphics page. This applies to bitmaps that are pasted from the clipboard, or imported from another application.

Note: Transparent data bits are not natively supported by other applications. If pasting a bitmap into an external application, transparent bits will appear as the transparent paste color.

ActiveX Automatic Page Saving

Lets you save graphics pages before inserting an ActiveX control. This guards against the loss of data if you insert custom-built ActiveX controls which cause the Graphics Builder to stop operating normally. With Automatic Page Saving enabled, if inserting an unstable ActiveX control causes such an event, you minimize the likelihood of losing work. When you reopen the Graphics Builder, you can normally recover the saved page.

The options are:

  • Save page before inserting ActiveX controls: The graphics page is automatically saved with the current page name.
  • Prompt before saving: A query will display, asking if you want to save the page before inserting an ActiveX control.
  • Do not save automatically: The graphics page is not saved automatically, and the query is not displayed.

  1. Click OK.

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