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CitectSCADA has two types of project:

The table below shows the different characteristics of read-only and read-write projects:

Task Read-only Read-write
View existing files in project x x
Create new files in project x
Delete existing files in project x
Modify existing files in project x
Delete project x
Rename project directly x

Read-only projects cannot be compiled as top-level projects (i.e., projects that are the main (root) project as opposed to an included project) and online changes are not supported.

Note: If the project folder is read-only for the current user, but one or more files in the project have read-write access for the current user, the project is considered to be a hybrid read-only/read-write project. CitectSCADA does not support this type of project. Running a hybrid project may result in your system becoming unresponsive. (This note does not include those folders or files that require read-write access in order to operate at runtime; see Using CitectSCADA with Windows Security for details.)

The security model used in enabling read-only projects does not replace the existing CitectSCADA user accounts; instead, it works in conjunction with user accounts like this: