Using CitectSCADA > Defining and Drawing Graphics Pages > Setting Default Page Settings > Page defaults

Page defaults

You use the Page Defaults dialog box to define the screen resolution and style that graphics pages will use.

You can override these defaults for your pages when you create them or edit them.

[Template] Resolution

Default screen resolution of the standard graphics pages (for example, alarms pages and standard trend pages):

Screen Type

Width (pixels)

Height (pixels)
















[Template] Style

The style (appearance) of the graphics pages in the runtime system. The style you select is the default style for new pages you add to the project. You can change the style of existing pages and templates using the Page Properties.

Most users prefer the Standard style. You can view the pre-defined styles by looking in the Include project under Graphics, Templates.

[Template] Show title bar

Determines whether the Windows title bar displays at the top of each graphics page. The title bar contains the title of the window, maximize, minimize and close buttons (at the right hand end of the title bar), and the control menu button (at the left hand end of the title bar).

To display a page in full screen (without a title bar), the size of the page needs to be the same size as the display (or larger). If the page is smaller than the display, the title bar still displays, even if full screen mode is enabled. Standard templates styles are available for both page sizes

You can override this default for your own pages at the time you create them, or later.

Background color

The color that will display in the background of new graphics pages.


This dialog also displays a preview of your page with the defaults applied.