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Page Properties - Appearance

You define the appearance of your graphics pages by using the controls on the Appearance tab.

Graphics pages have the following appearance properties:

[Template] Style

The style (appearance) of the graphics page in the runtime system. You can set a default style (to be applied to new pages) using the page defaults of existing pages and templates using the Page Properties.

Most users prefer the Standard style. You can view the pre-defined styles by looking in the Include project under Graphics, Templates.

[Template] Resolution

The default screen resolution of the pages:

Screen Type

Width (pixels)

Height (pixels)
















[Template] Name

The name of the template on which the page is based. Choose a template name from the menu.

Note: If you are looking for a template that you created yourself, check that you entered the correct Style and Resolution above.

[Template] Show title bar

Determines whether the Windows title bar displays (at the top of the page). The title bar contains the title of the window, maximize, minimize and close buttons (at the right hand end of the title bar), and the control menu button (at the left hand end of the title bar).

To display a page in full screen (without a title bar), the size of the page needs to be the same size as the display (or larger). If the page is smaller than the display, the title bar still displays, even if full screen mode is enabled. Standard templates styles are available for both page sizes.

[View area] Width

The width (in pixels) of the area that the operator can view at runtime. Click the up and down arrows to increase and decrease the width, or type in another value directly.

[View area] Height

The height (in pixels) of the area that the operator can view at runtime. Click the up and down arrows to increase and decrease the height, or type in another value directly.

Page color

The color that will display in the background of the graphics page.

The preview field to the right of this dialog displays a picture of the selected template. Click Apply, then click OK. To define further properties for the page, click the relevant tabs.

Ignore Quality

This field allows you to override the global [Page]IgnorevalueQuality parameter setting in the Citect.ini file for a particular page.

The options are:

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