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Paste Symbol dialog box

This dialog box lets you paste a symbol from a library to the graphics page (or template).

The Paste Symbol dialog box has the following properties:


A table of symbols in the project.

To add a symbol to a graphics page, use the scroll bar to locate the thumbnail image of the symbol, then select it and click OK (or double-click the thumbnail image). To edit the object in the library, select it and click Edit. To create a new symbol, click New.

Note: If the symbol has a small diamond-shaped badge next to it, it indicates it is a flashing symbol (see example below.)


The library where the symbol is stored.


To paste a symbol that maintains the link with its library, check this box. A symbol that is linked will be automatically updated if the symbol in the library is changed.

You can cut the link at any time with the Cut Link command from the Edit menu, but you cannot re-link a symbol with the library after the link has been cut.

If you have selected Paste Symbol as Flashing, two dialog boxes appear in sequence, allowing you to choose two images that you want to implement as a flashing symbol. The Primary Select Symbol dialog allows you to select the initial image used, the Flashing Select Symbol dialog the second image. If the bitmaps are different in size, the flashing symbol is scaled to the size of the primary image. If one of the symbols is itself a flashing symbol, only the primary state will be displayed.