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Pipe Objects

Use the Pipe tool to draw pipes with automatic three-dimensional shading. Pipes can be moved, resized, reshaped, brought to the front and so on, and their properties edited just like other types of object.

To draw a pipe:

  1. Click the Pipe tool.
  2. Move the cursor to where you want the pipe to start, and click and hold the mouse button.
  3. At the end of the first line segment, release the mouse button.
  4. Move the cursor to each point on the path in turn and click the mouse button (clicking and dragging is not necessary after the first segment).
  5. To complete the pipe, double-click the mouse button.
  6. When you complete the pipe, the object properties dialog is displayed.

    Hint: To draw horizontally or vertically only, hold the Ctrl key down when drawing the pipe.

Drawing Complex Pipe Arrangements

Use the Pipe tool to draw complex pipe arrangements (including 'T' pieces and junctions). The illustration below shows some pipes, and the sequence of mouse clicks needed to draw each of them:

Hint: Use the grid to assist in accurate positioning for each click.

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