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Project General Properties

(General) Name

The name of the project. This name is identical to the name that was used when the project was created. The project name is restricted to 64 characters. It can contain any characters other than the semi-colon (;) or single quote ('). Since the project name is a unique identifier, CitectSCADA will not permit you to create or restore a project with the same name. Maximum length is 64 characters.

(General) Status

The status of the project. This can be either COMPILED or UNCOMPILED.

(General) Location

The directory path where the project files are stored. This field cannot be edited.

(General) Description

A description of the project. This field is useful for giving an explanation of the role of the project. You are urged to complete this field. Maximum length is 255 characters.

(General) Major revision

CitectSCADA sets this property to one (1) when the project is first created. You can use this field to track major changes to the project. You can use an incremental revision history (for example 1, 2, 3, . . . or A, B, C, . . .). Maximum length is 4 characters.

(General) Minor revision

CitectSCADA sets this property to zero (0) when the project is first created. You can use this field in conjunction with the Major Revision to track your project's development. Maximum length is 4 characters.

(General) Date and Time

CitectSCADA will initially set these fields to the date and times at when the project was created. These fields are useful when used in conjunction with the Revision fields. Maximum length is 20 characters each.

(General) Project ID

A unique number for the project. The project number can be between 1 and 1022.

If you enter an ID that has already been used for another project, CitectSCADAwill detect this when it compiles the project if the projects are part of the same include structure.

The project number is part of the unique identifier (object ID (OID)) used by OPC drivers when reading from and writing to tags.

If you do not specify a project number, CitectSCADA will automatically generate one the next time you select this project in the Citect Explorer, or the next time you compile. Maximum length is 4 characters.

Note: If you enter 0, your project ID is automatically set after closing the project's "Properties" page.

(General) Read-only

Specifies that no changes can be made to the project. If an attempt is made to modify the project with this option selected, a message will prompt the user to disable the option before continuing.

Note: If you change any properties, you need to click OK to save the changes to the project.