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Reads the current color value set for the specified index point on the Fill | Color tab of the Object Properties dialog for Array, Threshold and Gradient types.

Note: As this function does not supportTrue Color functionality, it has been superseded by the function PropertiesFillColourColourGetEx.


PropertiesFillColourColourGet(Index, ColourNo, Limit, Operator)


Specify the index you would like to read the current color for. This values depends on the type of color fill selected:


A value between 0 and 255 representing the color applied to the Index setting.


A value between 0 and 100 representing the threshold limit. Used for type Threshold only.


The value representing the current operator used for the threshold limit setting:

Return Value

0 (zero) if successful, otherwise an error is returned.

Note: For details on handling return and error values, see Error Handling.

Related Functions

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