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Replacing results

You can replace single results or multiple results with the replacement text string you specified. You can also test a single result before replacing it. Depending on the type of document that contains the search result, the following occurs when a replacement is made:

To test a result:

  1. With the result you want to test highlighted, click Test. A dialog box appears showing the result of the text replace.
  2. Click Accept to accept the text replacement, or click Cancel.

To replace a single result:

To replace multiple results:

  1. With the search results you want to replace listed in the Results window, click Replace All. A confirmation dialog appears.
  2. The replacements are made and removed from the Results window. (Replacements that are not made remain in the results list. This will occur if, for example, you try to replace a property that is read-only.)
  3. Note: Clicking Stop during this process does not undo any replacements already made.

When attempting to make a replacement, you might encounter an alert message that alerts you of project-related issues be aware of before making a replacement. For details, see Find and Replace alert messages.