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Reporting Information

You can request regular reports on the status of your plant, and reports that provide information about special conditions in your plant. Reports can be run on a request basis, at specified times, or when certain events occur (such as a change of state in a bit address). Output from a report is controlled by a device. A report can be printed when it runs or saved to disk for printing later. You can use a text editor or word processor to view, edit, or print the report, or you can display it in CitectSCADA as part of a page.

Reports can also include Cicode statements that execute when the report runs.

Reports are configured in two stages:

If report data is associated with an I/O Device that does not initialize properly at startup or goes offline while CitectSCADA is running, the associated data is not written to the report (because the values would be invalid). An error code is written instead.

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