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Reports Configuration

The Reports Configuration page will only be displayed if this machine is configured as a Reports Server in the Project Editor.

Note: For a networked computer to be a Reports Server it needs to also be the I/O Server or needs to be able to communicate with the I/O Server on the network.

CitectSCADA has several options available for report processing:



Startup report

Defines the name of the report to run when CitectSCADA starts up.

Inhibit triggered reports on startup

For example, you might have a report that is triggered off the rising edge of a bit on startup. The Reports Server notices the bit come on, and runs the report. If this option is checked, the Reports Server does not run this report until it has read the I/O Devices a second time.

Run reports concurrently with primary Reports Server

Enables or disables tandem processing of reports. If this server is the standby Reports Server, it can process every report in tandem with the primary server, or it can remain idle until called.

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