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Running a backup from the command line

You can execute the CitectSCADA backup program from the command line to back up and restore files other than CitectSCADA projects.

From version 5, the backup program is called CtBack32.exe. For older versions, it is called CtBackup.exe. By default, it is installed in the CitectSCADA project 'Bin' folder.

The CitectSCADA Backup program archives files using a standard compression routine, producing PKZip v2.04g compatible files. The default extension for CitectSCADA backup files is .CTZ, though any extension (including .ZIP) can be used. This means you can also use PKZip to extract files from a compressed CitectSCADA backup if you prefer.

When you execute a backup from the command line, if you specify an INI file as a parameter, it will be backed up instead of the default citect.ini file.

The backup program reads the citect.ini file for any parameters set using the [BACKUP] category. These settings (if any, and their defaults if not) are over-ridden by any values passed as command line options.

The table below describes the backup command line options.




database name


include extension


exclude extension


encrypt with password


encrypt/decrypt password


recurse subdirectories


format level, 0 only format if necessary, 2 always format disk. [obsolete since version 3.xx, 4.xx]


save uncompiled, use -u- to save compiled


show configure dialog


compress files


path to backup from


path to restore to


ini file name


use old file format (truncates long filenames to 8.3)


run in auto mode

(Note: Every necessary input needs to be in command line or INI file.)


Ctbackup also uses the following parameters in the CITECT.INI file:

Database= ! database to backup or restore
BackupPath= ! file to backup to, for example c:\temp\example.ctz.
DrivePath= ! path to backup to or restore from.

FilePath= ! file path, used in not a database
BackupFile= ! file name on backup disk, default CTBACKUP.

Password= ! encryption password
Drive=0/1/2 ! 0=other, 1=A, 2=B
DiskSize=0/1 ! low density=0, high density=1
Encrypt=0/1 ! encrypt backup
FormatLevel= ! format level.

Configure=0/1 ! display configure dialog
Compress=0/1 ! compress backup
Overwrite=0/1 ! overwrite
SaveCompiled=0/1 ! save compiled
Recurse=0/1 ! recurse sub directories
DeleteAll=0/1 ! delete all before restore
SaveIniFiles=0/1! determines whether save ini files is checked
Operation=0/1 ! 0=backup, 1=restore
Include= ! include list
Exclude= ! exclude list, default DBK,_CI
CompiledFiles= ! compiled files, default RDB
FileFormat=0/1 ! 1= use old format (truncates long filenames to 8.3)