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Running Your Test Project

Before running your test project, verify that the Kernel is enabled on CitectSCADA startup so that you can follow the startup procedures step by step.

To do this, edit your citect.ini file to contain the following:



This will show the Kernel on startup of CitectSCADA.

Next, run the Computer Setup Wizard. Verify that the computer is defined as a standalone CitectSCADA system and configured to run your test project.

Start the project running. When the kernel appears, double-click the title bar in the Main window, then double-click the title bar of the kernel. Doing this in order is important, as it will maximize the Main window, then Maximize the whole kernel. If you don't do this then you will not see what is happening as the information in the Kernel cannot be scrolled, and once it is off the screen it is gone. This might require a bit of practice as the startup procedure might only take 1-2 seconds or less on a fast machine.

Once you have the project running (and assuming that everything worked) the last line in the Main window in the Kernel will tell you that your I/O Devices are online. Do not confuse this with the message telling you that your Port channels are online. CitectSCADA will first report that it can communicate through the port you have setup, then report that it can communicate with the I/O Device.

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