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Specifying a Startup or Splash Page

Every system needs to have a startup page and may have a splash screen.

A splash screen is the very first window that is displayed when CitectSCADA starts. The splash window has a thin windows border, is non-movable and is often set to "always on top". Usually, the splash window displays brief project information, such as company logo, software version, project version, while the system is initializing. By default, it is only displayed for a brief period of time and then automatically dismissed.

The startup page is displayed before or after the splash window is dismissed. The timing is controlled by a set of parameters:

If the StartupDelay is set to less than the SplashTimeout, the Startup page will be displayed while the splash screen is still shown. On the other hand, setting the StartupDelay to be greater than the SplashTimeout will display the Startup page after the splash screen is dismissed.

The example project makes use of the new splash screen parameters to specify a page to be displayed as splash screen, and the new Cicode functions to display product and project information on the splash screen.

The following parameters are used to set up the splash screen in the example project:

Splash = !Splash
SplashWinName = Splash
SplashTimeout = 5000
Startup = Menu
StartupWinName = Main
StartupDelay = 5100
HomePage = Menu

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