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Startup and runtime configuration

You can specify a Cicode function to execute automatically when CitectSCADA starts up. This Cicode gets executed as soon as the Cicode system comes online. use the Computer Setup Wizard to specify the name of the startup function.

You can also run a report on startup. CitectSCADA searches for a default report called "Startup" when it starts up. If you have configured a report called "Startup", it is run automatically. You can change the name of the startup report (or disable it altogether) by using the Computer Setup Wizard.

You can customize many elements of CitectSCADA's runtime and startup behavior. Only The Computer Setup Wizard is necessary, but you can also use Parameters for more control.

To start your runtime system:

To compile and run CitectSCADA online:

If your operating system is Windows Vista, CitectSCADA runs a compatibility check at runtime to see if drivers used by the running project are compatible with your operating system.