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String arrays

If you are using a CitectSCADA string data type, you need to specify an array of integer data types. One int register stores two string characters.

To calculate the size of an array (for string data types), use the following formula:

The last element of the array is always used to store the null character '\0'. This character marks the end of the string.

To store the word "Recipe", you need to specify an array with 4 elements, for example:

Variable Tag Name




Two characters are stored in each register, i.e:

You can then refer to the entire string by specifying the tag:

<Tag Name>

For example:

Variable Tag


To store the word "Recipes", you would also specify an array with 4 elements. The characters are stored as follows:

Note: If your I/O Device supports string data types, you need to specify the address in the format determined by the I/O Device you are using.

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