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System keyboard command properties

System keyboard commands have the following properties:

Key Sequence (32 Chars.)

The key sequence for the command.

Command (253 Chars.)

The commands (set of instructions) to execute when an operator enters the key sequence.

Privilege (16 Chars.)

The privilege necessary by an operator to issue the command.

Comment (48 Chars.)

Any useful comment.

Extended forms fields

The following fields are implemented with extended forms (press F2).

Area (16 Chars.)

The area to which the command belongs. Only operators who belong to this area will be able to issue this command. For example, if you enter Area 1 here, operators need to have access to Area 1 (plus any necessary privileges) to issue this command.

Message Log (32 Chars.)

A text message sent to the MsgLog field of the Log Device when the selected action is performed by the operator at runtime. The message needs to be plain text:

If you want to include field data as part of a logged message, you need to insert the field name as part of the device format when you configure the device. For instance, in the Format field of the Devices form, you could enter {MsgLog,20} {FullName,15}. This would accommodate the logging of messages such as P2 started by John Smith.

The log device to which the message is sent is specified in the Log Device field below.

Log Device (16 Chars.)

The device to which the Message Log is sent when the command is issued.

Note: You need to include the MsgLog field in the format of the log device for the message to be sent.