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Tag name syntax

CitectSCADA tags (variable tags, alarm tags and trend tags) need to have the following syntax:

[<alpha> | '_'] *[<alpha> | <digit> | '\' | '_']

That is, the tag name needs to begin with either an alpha character (A-Z or a-z) or the underscore character (_). Any following characters needs to be either alpha characters (A-Z or a-z), digit characters (0 - 9), backslash characters (\), or underscore characters (_). The use of any other characters will result in a compiler error.

For example, '_MyTag123' and 'my\New\Tag' are both valid tag names, whereas '\NewTag\' is invalid.

Tag names that begin with a numeric character, such as '12TagName', are only valid if the INI parameter [General]TagStartDigit is set to 1 (the default value is zero).

Note: The name of an Alarm Tag needs to follow this syntax but the Alarm Name does not.