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Tag Status

The Tag Status element is used to represent the current status of the tag. The value of this element is affected only for those tag operations that involve a physical device (for example, writing to the Field element will affect the status element, but writing to the Control Mode will not). Tag Status element is reset after I/O Server restart. The element value contains a set of bit flags.

The following table describes the Tag Status element:

Reference Syntax CitectSCADA

Data type

TagName.Status INT Value of Tag Status element
TagName.Status.V INT


A set of bit flags representing the following data:

- 0x1: Read Pending.

- 0x2: Write Pending.

- 0x4: Write Successful.

- 0x8: Write Unsuccessful.

Default value: 0.

TagName. Status.VT TIMESTAMP Timestamp of when the value last changed
TagName.Status.Q QUALITY Quality
TagName.Status.QT TIMESTAMP Timestamp of when the quality last changed
TagName.Status.T TIMESTAMP Timestamp of when the element was last updated