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CitectSCADA Technical Support

Please note the following about technical support for your CitectSCADA product.

Technical Support

Citect Maintenance and Support Agreements are available for purchase. To purchase a Maintenance and Support Agreement, price of which is determined by the list price of your system, you need to contact your local Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd. representative.

Schneider Electric (Australia) Pty. Ltd. offers a range of Support services; for further information visit Upon receipt of your order for a Maintenance and Support Agreement, you will receive a site number and a list of dongle serial numbers, which you need to quote when you contact Support. A site or dongle serial number enables the Customer Support team to provide quality service product by logging and tracking your Customer Service Requests (CSRs).

Before Calling Customer Support

Fill out the online CitectSCADA CitectHMI Support Request form, found at the web site

If you are unsure of which contact details to use, email:


Various training facilities are also available. Contact your local Citect distributor for more information.

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