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Text Editors

The citect.ini file is a text file which stores CitectSCADA's operating parameters. During installation, a default version of this file is copied to the config folder of the CitectSCADA User and Data directory, as selected during installation.

If the file is not found in this location, it will not search elsewhere and will display an error. If you need to store your ini file elsewhere, specify the path to it on the command line when starting citect32.exe and ctexplor.exe.

Note: The filename and location of the citect.ini file can be changed by using the -i"file_path.INI" option when calling the CitectSCADA Explorer or Citect32 runtime.

To set parameters in the local citect.ini file:

  1. Use a text editor to open the citect.ini file.
  2. Enter the parameter in the following format:


  4. Save the changes to the citect.ini file.