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Text Properties - Appearance (General)

Text has the following general appearance properties


The font used to display the text. Use the scroll bar to the right to view available fonts, or type the font name, or part of it, directly into this field.


Select whether you would like the text to be Regular, Bold, Bold Italic, or Italic.


Define the size of the text (point size). Available sizes might vary according to the selected printer and the selected font.

[Alignment] Left

Select this radio button to align the text to the left of the text box.

[Alignment] Right

Select this radio button to align the text to the right of the text box.

[Alignment] Center

Select this radio button to align the text in the center of the text box.

[Effect] Strikeout

Select this box to make the text will appear with a line through it.

[Effect] Underline

Select this box to underline the text.


This field contains the text that will display on the page. You can enter any keyboard character(s). You can edit the text here, or directly from the graphics page. It is useful to edit text at this field, as you can apply text changes at the same time as you apply other font and color changes.

This text changes automatically depending on the Display Value properties that you define.


The color of the text.

Note: There are several radio buttons in Display Value (On/Off, Multi-state and so on). When selected, these radio buttons change the appearance of the right hand side of the dialog.

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