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The Physical Layout of a Plant

You need to consider the physical layout of the plant where you would like to implement CitectSCADA.

This information will help determine the architecture of your project, and many of its operational requirements. It also allows you to assess the available equipment, to determine if any additions or modifications are necessary.

Consider the following items when examining the physical layout of a plant:


The physical layout of your facility, including whether the plant is spread across multiple geographical locations or specific areas of functionality, such as a number of production lines running in parallel.


The equipment (machines, physical connections, and devices) in your plant that will be monitored and controlled by your system.

Existing computer hardware 

The computers that currently exist within your facility to support CitectSCADA's client-server architecture. The specifications and limitations of the existing equipment will have to be considered to determine if the operational requirements of your system can be supported.

Network configuration 

The current configuration of the network that will support your system and its communication with plant equipment. This will include the protocols used, the performance capabilities of the system, and security.

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