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Time-stamped Alarms

Time-stamped alarms are similar to digital alarms, except that a counter is used to provide an accurate timestamp of when a triggering condition occurs, rather than just the time the variable was polled. Time-stamped alarms can only be associated with a single digital variable.

An alarm's variables are polled at the rate set by [Alarm]ScanTime, however, the timer value is used to define the time associated with a change of state.

You can use one of three types of counter or timer to record the triggering of time-stamped alarms:

To configure a time-stamped alarm:

  1. Choose Alarms | Time-stamped Alarms. The Time-stamped Alarms dialog box appears.
  2. Enter the alarm properties.
  3. Click Add to append a new record, or Replace to modify an existing record.

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