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Time Synchronization Dialog

The fields available on the Time synchronization dialog are described in the following table.

Field Description
Current status Displays the status of the TimeSync Windows service, as displayed in service properties under computer management. You may click the Start Service button if the service is stopped, or Stop Service service if it is running. If the service is identified as being disabled, the button is also disabled. To enable the service use the Windows administrative tools as either automatic or manual startup.
Startup type Identifies if the service is started manually, or automatically. If the service is disabled, use the Windows administrative tools to enable the service as either automatic or manual startup.
TCP/IP Port The network port the service will use to listen for connections from clients.
Last synchronization Displays the value of the LastSyncTime registry setting. This is the Local time at which the last successful Synchronization occurred.
Current local time Displays the current time on the local computer, updating every 1 second.
Log information events Controls whether the service writes events of type 'Information' to the event log. The default is unchecked so that only alerts (called "warnings" in the software) and errors are recorded.
Keep this computer's time synchronized Select this check box to enable the computer to be a time client. This allows you to enter the poll time and list of time servers against which to synchronize.
Synchronize every Enter a number in hours between 1 and 168 (inclusive) to specify frequency that synchronization needs to occur. The default value is 24.
Synchronise Now Click to synchronize immediately
Synchronize with first available Displays a list of computers, and the current time on those computers if available. The display is updated every 1 second
Add button Displays a dialog for you to enter the name of a server to add.
Remove Select a computer from the list above, and click "Remove" to remove it from the list

Note: When you add a time source to the list, the current time on that machine will be displayed, provided the service is running on that remote machine and listening on the same port number. If "Not available" then the service is not running, or is running and using a different port number, or that port number is being blocked by a firewall. The column in the list box is provided as a diagnostics function to ensure that the machine names entered can be synchronized against. The time displayed in this box is an approximate only.

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