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Unity Link Tag Import

The Unity Link Configuration dialog specifies the parameters used to generate alarm and trend tags. It has the following fields:

I/O Device & Protocol Driver
The name of the destination I/O Device and its corresponding protocol. Unity FastLinx will only import tags to an I/O Device using either the MODBUS, MODNET, MBPLUS, or UNITE.

Unity Database Type
The import/export database driver type selected from the Import Variable Tags dialog.

PLC Family
The family name of the PLC you are importing from. It can be either Premium or Quantum. This option is only valid for the Unity FastLinx Static protocol.

Unity File
Path of the Unity project file from which you want to import the tags. If the database type is Unity FastLinx Dynamic, this is a *.stu file. If the database type is Unity FastLinx Static, this is a *.xsy file.

Unity Profile Enable
Enable this if the Unity database is restricted by user profile and a user name and password combination are needed to gain access. See the Access Security Management section of the Unity Pro online help for further information.

Unity Username and Password
The username and password, if it is necessary, for the Unity database from which you are importing.

DCOM Enable
Enable this if the database host is a DCOM server.

DCOM Server Name
If enabled, the DCOM server that the client uses to hosts the database from which you are extracting tags.

DCOM Username and Password
If enabled, the username and password for the DCOM server.

Log File Path
The path name for log files generated during the import or export process.

Logging Level
The level of detail necessary in the import or export logs.

Log Pool Size
Specifies the maximum number of log files for the given device.

Click the validate button to check the Unity Link settings are correct. This button enables the OK button on the page.