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UpdateCommand [Event]

This event is raised whenever the Process Analyst needs to refresh the state of its toolbars.

Defined As



[in] Contains the unique identifier of the command that needs to be refreshed.


[in] Indicates the Process Analyst object which raised the event. (Cicode only)


This event is only raised for custom commands. use this event as an opportunity to update the enable and/or the pressed state of the toolbar button associated with the command.

This event will be raised frequently so limit the amount of code executed in response to this event.

An Update will be triggered in at least the following scenarios:

Calling Syntax

Assumes you have a Process Analyst on a page with an event class defined as myPage_AN35.


Sub myPage_AN35_UpdateCommand(commandId As Integer)
End Sub


FUNCTION myPage_AN35_UpdateCommand(OBJECT processAnalyst, INT commandId)